Breeding FAQ

In which period are our stallions available for breeding?

The breeding season begins on February 1 and ends on August 1 of each year. During this time you can get fresh semen from our stallions. Exceptions can arise due to participation in tournaments or illness, in which case frozen semen can be used if available or another of our stallions if desired.

What happens if the desired stallion fails?

Should a stallion not be available at short notice during the breeding season for special reasons (tournament use, illness, etc.), TG semen can be used if possible or another stallion of the same price category from our station can be used on request. There is no right to repayment of the insemination rate.

What should be considered before insemination?

Before your mare is inseminated, a swab sample is required. If possible, this should be taken during the heat. Insemination is performed after prior veterinary follicular control and, if possible, by sampling on the stallion.

What information do we need to order sperm?

For the sperm shipment we absolutely need the following information:

  • desired stallion
  • Name and full address of the mare owner
  • Name and full address of the veterinarian or inseminator (we need a copy of the inseminator’s certificate).
  • Shipping address
  • Information about the mare (name, pedigree, life number, age)
  • Your membership number with the breeding association where the covering is to be reported by us.

Use our sperm order form, which you can find on our documents page.

What are the order deadlines/delivery times?

Orders for same-day fresh sperm shipment (NSE) must be placed by telephone or fax by 10.00 a.m. Monday to Friday, and by 9.00 a.m. on Saturdays. Sperma der Hengste kann mit Hippoexpress per Tagesexpress in einzelne Gebiete Deutschlands geliefert werden. These orders must be received the night before. Please contact us in advance about the costs.

Use our seed order form, which you can find on our documents page. We cannot ship on Sundays and holidays (exceptions may be possible, please contact us).

Please use the NSE consignee sheet, which you can also find on our documents page, to ensure a smooth delivery process for your consignment.

When are which costs due?

Insemination rate:
The insemination rate of each of our stallions is valid for the entire duration of the breeding season and will be charged to you in any case. It covers, among other things, the costs of sperm collection, preparation of fresh semen and administration. There is no entitlement to credits or discounts on the insemination rate. The insemination rate is due before the first insemination of the mare. The insemination rate does not include the cost of shipping semen, veterinary or boarding costs.
Bei Nichtbegleichung der Besamungsrate und/oder der Transportkosten besteht kein Anspruch auf erneuten Spermaversand.

Pregnancy rate:
The pregnancy rate is due after 60 days of gestation of the mare. Relevant is the pregnancy on the 60th day after the last insemination. Proof of non-pregnancy must be provided by the breeder with a written certificate from the attending veterinarian to Hengststation Gut Neuenhof KG without being requested to do so. Otherwise, the mare is considered to be in foal.
In the event of failure to provide veterinary proof of non-pregnancy by the 60th day of pregnancy at the latest within 14 days, the pregnancy rate shall automatically become due. This also applies to a non-pregnancy determined at a later date.

Embryo transfer:
In case of embryo transfer, the full stud fee is due for each attached embryo. If an embryo transfer is planned, this must be notified to us when ordering the sperm.

Foreign shipping:
Semen will only be shipped abroad against advance payment of the total stud fee, shipping costs and the costs for the official veterinary certificate.

When are which costs due?

We grant a discount of 100.00 Euro per mare if a breeder has supplied three or more of his mares to stallions stationed with us and the pregnancy rate is due for these. Further special conditions are to be agreed upon.