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The leader of the breeding value estimation in show jumping sets new standards nationally and internationally in sport and breeding. After 2019, the German Olympic Committee appointed our Gipfelstürmer to the German Olympic squad in 2022 as well.

Estobar NRW

St.Pr.St. Farah Dina L



St.Pr.St. Rheinfee


Fürst Piccolo

Verb.Pr.St. Samira

Fidermark I

St.Pr./El.St. Bellevue

Breeding fee for FS: Insemination rate: 800 EUR, Pregnancy rate: 1200 EUR (plus VAT of the respective recipient country), shipping within Europe


There is hardly a championship in the world where Escolar’s offspring do not excel. This stallion sets new standards year after year with the success of his sons and daughters. In the meantime, 40 sons have been licensed, among them several premium stallions, reserve and champion stallions. More than 40 daughters have been awarded State Premium and have passed outstanding mare performance tests, including SPS Evelynn, who passed one of the best performance tests in Germany in 2022 with an overall score of 8.97. The son Eternity was State and National Champion in 2017, placed finalist in Warendorf again in 2018, Danish Vice Champion and World Championship bronze in 2021 and crowned his career so far with numerous victories in the heavy class in the past season. Escamillo also continues to be on the fast track and after winning the title of Vice World Champion of 6-year-old dressage horses in 2021, he won World Championship bronze in the 7-year-old class the following year. The 2018 Westphalian Championships were veritable “Escolar festivals”. 10 of his offspring finished in the medal ranks, including the champions Escorial Q, Embrace and Estero. In Baden-Württemberg, Emilio became Champion of the three-year-old stallions. In 2019, Enrico under Lukas Fischer was Westphalia Champion, Escorial Q with Bianca Nowag was Bundeschampion of three-year-old riding horses and Estero under Beatrice Buchwald was fourth in the Bundeschampionat of five-year-old dressage horses. The daughter Espe 45 was one of the most admired horses in the finals of the Bundeschampionate and World Championships for five-year-old dressage horses in 2019 with Eva Möller. Under Annabel Pidley/GBR, she is now celebrating series victories in the advanced level. In 2020, 16 offspring qualified for the Bundeschampionat. In 2022 he produced the largest contingent of all stallions in Germany with 19 offspring, including the Vice Bundeschampion of 3-year-old stallions, Elastic NRW. In England, High Hoes Estelle won the 5-year old dressage championship in 2021 and MSJ Encore, ridden by Michael Eilberg, won the British seven-year old dressage championship in 2022. Especially was crowned Bavarian State Champion of Three-Year-Olds in 2022. Since 2020, Escolar has been setting price peaks at German auctions year after year. In 2021, his progeny’s lifetime earnings amounted to an impressive 49,356.00 Euros.

The euphoria surrounding Escolar continues unabated. This sire, who is only 13 years old, has long since not only proven his importance as a stamp stallion, but also arouses desires worldwide. The most beautiful proof of this is the current breeding value estimation for competitive dressage. With a breeding value of 173 Escolar once again takes the pole position.

His offspring dominate the dressage arenas around the globe. Whether licensing or mare show, whether riding horse test or heavy class: His sons and daughters know how to convince in all age classes. The future belongs to these young horses. Escolar already has 40 licensed sons and just as many State Premium mares - and that is not all. That the future has already begun is impressively demonstrated by the older Escolar offspring. The oldest horses, now eight years old, are already celebrating serial victories in the advanced level - for example Elitist, under Juliane Brunkhorst also qualified for the final of the Nuremberg Burg Cup, and Eternity, who under Anne-Mette-Strandby Hansen has international victories up to Intermediaire with scores of over 78%. And that is still not all. Escolar offspring also show best riding qualities under the saddle of young talents: The prominent mare Espe, already Intermediaire I winner under Cathrine Dufour, carried her young rider Annabella Pidgley to the bronze medal at the European Junior Championships in the summer of 2022. ZINQ Escalla OLD FH won Gold at the Westphalian Junior Championships and Bronze at the German Junior Championships with Lana-Pinou Baumgürtel. Hereditary reliability through and through. Not only the uniformity of success in all age groups and among riders of different levels of training is striking.

The bloodlines that produced these successful horses in mating with Escolar could hardly be more diverse. Whether Trakehner like Caprimond or thoroughbreds like Lauries Crusador xx, whether D like Dimaggio, S like Sir Donnerhall or R like Rohdiamant: The most diverse sires and also mare lines produce harmonious horses of outstanding quality in combination with Escolar. The talent for movement, the special dynamics and the unshakeable will to perform are probably the most striking characteristics that Escolar reliably passes on to his offspring.

The stallion also shows all these qualities himself as an athlete. In 2022, the year began with a bang: The renewed call-up to the Olympic squad once again proved that he belonged to the world elite. Long established at international 4* level, some sporting highlights were also planned for 2022. Due to the unfortunate injury of his rider Hubertus Schmidt, a break from competitions followed.
Escolar is already a worldwide sought-after stamp stallion and sets new standards year after year with the great successes of his offspring. To experience this stallion and to accompany his work as a sire - that is pure euphoria.


Master pupil, high-flyer, high-flyer: The superlatives for this exceptional stallion could be continued at will. In terms of breeding and sport, Escolar is on his way to the top of the world: For years, Escolar has been the leader in the FN dressage breeding evaluation, and this top position is mirrored by his own and offspring's successes.

Escolar was Bundeschampion of Stallions in 2012 and 2013 with Hermann Burger, second in the Nuremberg Burgpokal in 2017 under Hubertus Schmidt and fourth in the Louisdor Prize in the Frankfurt Festhalle in 2018. In 2019 he was victorious in both the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Special. He was called up to the Olympic squad by the DOKR and received the "Otto-Lörke Prize" in Stuttgart as the best German Grand Prix young horse. And also in spring 2022 the renewed appointment to the Olympic squad followed.

Due to the unfortunate injury of his rider Hubertus Schmidt, a break from competitions followed last year.


The sire Estobar NRW has the role of the “Lord’s Seal Keeper” of all the best NRW genetics. It is not without reason that he won his licensing, was successful up to Grand Prix and is considered a highly proven sire.

The dam Farah Dina L produced another licensed full brother to Escolar, Escorial/Hubertus Schmidt, who won up to Grand Prix, as well as the full sister St. Pr. St. Edina and the full brother Ebonito, who was also successful at advanced level. The dam’s sire Fürst Piccolo was premium stallion at the NRW Main Licensing in 1999 and won the stallion performance test in Warendorf in 2000 and was promoted to advanced level. Fürst Piccolo is one of the most proven sires of the NRW breed and several times placed top priced mares at the NRW Elite Auction and final ring mares at the Rhineland and Westphalian Elite Mare Shows. The Dutch stallion Sion in the third generation advanced to a sire of rare versatility at the Oldenburg station Bührmann (Döhlen). His often very noble children have become established stars in dressage, show jumping and eventing. Sion became 30 years old. Figaro and Vollkorn xx are heroes of the Oldenburg breed in the following generations.

Escolar represents the Oldenburg mare line 17/Bastiane (by Ellenberg-Robert-August-Emigrant-Agamemnon), which produced nine licensed stallions, including Goldglanz (USA), Pharis (PB Thür.) and Urgast (PB Oldbg.), as well as the internationally successful dressage horse Tansanit/Christine Stückelberger (SUI) and the also internationally successful show jumper Galaktica/Grégoire Oberson (SUI). This mare family can be traced back to the 19th century.

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