Warendorf: Escolar again tops the breeding value estimation in dressage competitions

Photo: Thoms Lehmann

A look at the current 2022 breeding value estimate put a smile on our faces: With 173.85 percent, Escolar by Estobar NRW – Fürst Piccolo takes the pool position in the German breeding value estimate for competitive dressage. His offspring polarise beyond Germany’s borders and conquer the winners’ lists of many international show grounds around the world. The research for the new stallion prospectus made it clear: Escolar has arrived in the Champions League of the world’s best dressage sires. His offspring successes impress year after year and his children’s willingness to collect promises great things.

Escolar’s dominance in the breeding value estimation is unbroken and illustrates once again the importance of the E-line, which has blossomed again thanks to his sire Estobar NRW.