Verden: Maxim licensed by the Hanoverian Verband

Photo: Volker Hagemeister

After Maxim had been available to Hanoverian breeders for the past two “Corona” years as a result of the special regulation, the Toto Jr. Son yesterday on the occasion of the recognition the coveted predicate “licensed”.

The Hanoverian Verband also followed the stallions on the occasion of the sport test in the Niedersachsenhalle and what they saw, they liked. Three good basic gaits, high rideability and a clear willingness to collect were a good calling card for the subsequent presentation on the pavement yesterday, Tuesday, in Verden. And here, too, the Dutch-born sympathetic stallion shone with his impressive type, his long-leggedness and his dream character. A complete stallion, who convinces with his genetics, but also with his sportive and breeding possibilities. With the predicate “approved”, the licensing commission of the Hanoverian Verband sent a clear signal and thus followed the Oldenburg and Westphalian Verband.