Nideggen: Goldberg victorious in Münster

Photo: Reckimedia

Goldberg celebrates another victory: The successful Amazing Star – San Remo son was once again presented by Danica Duen in the advanced class last weekend and with great success. The 3 judges awarded a perfect 70.00 percent for a great round in the St. Georg Special. The pair was the measure of all things in this test.

The offspring also follow suit: In Fröndenberg, HBS Golden Globe by Goldberg – Damon Hill, bred by Christian Becks, won a medium (M) level dressage test. The breeder and owner’s daughter Jil Marielle Becks also competed in the advanced (S) level test and won silver. 2 of the 3 judges saw HBS Golden Globe and Jil Marielle even on place 1. Strong performances, which let us look hopefully into the future.

We warmly congratulate all participants on these successes.