Congleton/GBR: Encore MSJ wins dressage championship

Photo: Eilberg Dressage

Escolar offspring are also sought after and highly successful in England. This year, for example, Escolar x Caprimond offspring MSJ Encore, born in England at Mount St. John and registered in the Oldenburg breeding area, competed at the traditional NatChYH dressage show in Congleton with his permanent rider Michael George Eilberg.

Last year, the pair came second in the 6-year old championships, but this year they could not be denied the victory in the 7-year old dressage horse class. With 78.903 percent they were the measure of all things. For the likeable pair this was already the 7th S-victory with over 70 percent each in this show season!

Michael Eilberg had the following to say about his “Eric” (Encore’s stable name) to the stud this morning: “I was more than happy with Eric, he is a really exceptional horse with a lot of personality, always clear in his head and incredible presence in the arena. He is everyone’s favourite, not only with us”.

We warmly congratulate all participants on this impressive success.