Sire festival with Rhenish roots

Pictures: Thoms Lehmann

WICKRATH/MÖNCHENGLADBACH. It was an evening dedicated to breeding: Several hundred guests celebrated our sires with us at the beginning of February – on site and digitally via ClipMyHorse – against the imposing backdrop of Wickrath Castle. This showed once again that modern stallions are characterized not least by their interior. A stallion with roots in the Rhineland crowned the evening.

We were able to experience a real show evening together when many breeders and people interested in breeding gathered in the hall of Wickrath Castle on February 3, 2024. It was not only about the presentation of the jumping and dressage sires, but also about a nice show program and genealogy research, between typical stallion performances and entertaining variety.

We are certainly best known for our “figurehead” Escolar NRW, one of the most sought-after dressage sires in the world at the moment. But from young stallions to seniors, every stallion was given a stage. For example, Moritz Treffinger, who rides for Gestüt Bonhomme, presented “his” protégés Etienne by Escolar and Maxim by Toto Jr.; Danica Duen presented the highly topical pony stallion Gold Garant by Golden Grey NRW.

The audience favorites? Cordess by Clinton, at the time successful up to international 1.60m level, and Lyjano by Lyjanero, qualified for the 2023 World Championships for young show jumpers in Lanaken, caused a lot of excitement. The presenters Kim Kreling and Christian Kröber took a seat in their saddles without further ado. Even without professionals on their backs, the stallions knew how to put themselves in the limelight and proved it: Interieur never goes out of fashion.

And while the whole world is talking about Escolar NRW, there was just as much applause in Wickrath for his father Estobar NRW, who returned to his roots here. Grandfather Ehrensold was once stationed here at the former Rhineland State Stud, and Ehrentusch was also born in the Rhineland. With the steady rise of Estobar NRW, the once popular “e-blood” finally returned to its former popularity. Today, the offspring of Estobar NRW and Escolar NRW are once again in demand around the globe. And so it was a special moment when the smart bay with the thick mop of hair entered the arena in Wickrath, completing the circle so to speak.

The final: Escolar NRW under Mathis Gödecke and at his side his son Esperado, ridden by shooting star Katharina Hemmer. The two bay horses trotted along the center line for the final act of the event and proved their worth: The E-blood, which once flourished here in Wickrath, is in demand like never before.

We would like to thank everyone involved for their great cooperation and the numerous breeders, people interested in breeding and all horse people for their interest in our stallion show in person or via ClipMyHorse. We are already looking forward to next year!