Nideggen: Gold Garant training impressions

Photo: Volker Hagemeister
Gold Garant

The nailing up of our pony stallion Gold Garant put an end to our sporting dreams for the 2022 season. Many breeders have contacted us in the past few days. Therefore, we would like to pass on some information as well as the reference to a short training video to you.

Many breeders have put their trust in the Westphalian Champion Stallion and Winner of Hearts. A full mating list underpins the desirability that the movement artist was able to arouse with his unique character. We too have lost our hearts to this special pony stallion, who has always and without reservation wanted to do everything right since he moved in with us. Everyone who meets Gold Garant is full of praise. A stallion who is uncomplicated in handling, willing to perform and courageous, calm, reflective and with a good overview. It was not for nothing that we had set great goals and wanted to give Gold Garant enough time to mature, without unnecessary pressure and with plenty of time. So we did without stallion shows and early public appearances. At the Coldewey family’s Kastanienhof stud, Gold Garant was gently built up by Hannah Richter, accompanied by Wenke Kraus, who was to take over the model pupil in preparation for the Westphalian Week and the Bundeschampionat from July. All our dreams were shattered by a shoeing in Großenkneten. A nail on all hooves made a hospital stay necessary, Gold Garant’s convalescence will take weeks. Last week our fighter was taken to Rehburg-Loccum by Wenke Kraus and will recover there and then continue his training.

Wenke Kraus sent us some training impressions that we would like to share with all companions, breeders and interested people. We are confident that we will be able to present a Gold Garant in time for the coming breeding season, who will be able to prove his quality at the stallion shows and further increase the anticipation of the first foal crop.

You can find said video at: