Handorf: Dominance of the E-Line on the occasion of the Westphalian Elite Show

Photo: Estobar NRW, V. Hagemeister

We can proudly claim that our station has contributed significantly to the preservation of the E-Line. In Münster-Handorf, the importance of this valuable line was once again impressively demonstrated.

Every year, on the occasion of its regional mare shows, the Westphalian Association invites the best mares of the shows to the elite show in Münster-Handorf. 55 mares with dressage emphasis, most of them with outstanding mare performance tests, received the coveted ticket for the highlight of the Westphalia Week in 2022. Once again the E-line was in the focus of the breeders and spectators this year. With 14 representatives of the E-line, the share was 25.5 percent. Here is an overview of the selected best mares of the year:

Elitegirl von Estobar NRW x Pik Labionics – Funkenspiel
Breeder: Peter Thomas, Münster
Evelynn from Escolar x Fidertanz – Londonderry
Breeder: Gestüt Gut Neuenhof, Nideggen
Elisa by Escolar x Captain Collin – Dimension
Breeder: Ridder Stable, Selm
Everleigh by Escolar x Sandreo – Belisar
Breeder: Gestüt Gut Neuenhof, Nideggen
Escort Elly by Escolar x Sandro Hit – Lauries Crusador xx
Breeder: Dr. Ansgar Reyering, Mettingen
Escolada x Krack C – Fidermark
Breeder: Volker Schmale-Steinkamp, Rahden-Varl
Princess Estelle of Escolar x Prince Romancier – Sandro Hit
Breeder: Marion Kolbeck, Steinfeld

Elvira by El Salvador (by Escolar) x Bon Bravour
Escada by Escamillo (by Escolar) x De Niro
Electra by Emilio (by Escolar) x Kostolany/T.
Estelle by Escamillo (by Escolar) x Ampere
Escamilla by Escamillo (by Escolar) x Sir Donnerhall I
Etienne by Escamillo (by Escolar) x Münchhausen/T.
Elsa by Escamillo (by Escolar) x Vitalis

We congratulate all breeders and exhibitors for this great success!