A last greeting – RIP Florenciano

Photo: Guido Recki

A few days ago we received the sad news that our former station stallion Florenciano has peacefully fallen asleep. Florenciano came into our possession together with Estobar NRW from the Westphalian licensing in 2006. The beautiful Florencio I – Havidoff son from the Dutch breeding of H. van den Brink won his 30-day test the following year with a final score of 8.92 and collected his first competition successes under Ingrid Klimke. As a six-year-old, he qualified for the German Bundeschampionat and was then further developed by Hubertus Schmidt at the Fleyenhof. Under the riding master, he competed in a total of seven four-star tournaments, including the CHIO in Aachen. Twice he broke the 70 % mark in a Grand Prix before he changed to the ownership of Ralph Westhoff.

Eyal Zlatin took over the reins at the Riedmühle, followed by further successes in the Prix St. Georges. He was most recently ridden as a teacher by Tabea Schroer, who was able to gain her first international competition experience with him.

In addition to three licensed sons, including the NRW premium stallion and Warendorfer Landbeschäler Farbenspiel, Florenciano leaves behind 18 state premium mares, which preserve the legacy of the charming and gentle sire. Of his 162 registered FN competition horses, 8 offspring have so far mastered the jump to the advanced level in Germany.

We would like to thank Ralph Westhoff and his partner Marga Groeninger for the wonderful years that “our” Florenciano was allowed to spend at the Rietmühle and we are happy that his genes can be used even after his death through TG that is still available.