Victoria IV

Caletto II


Cor de la Bryere



Gloria II


Ramiro Z


Tiara’s daughter Ciara (by Cristallo I) was able to win tests for young show jumpers up to medium (M) level.

Tiara was successfully shown in show jumping competitions as a five year old and passed her mare performance test with an excellent overall score of 8.58, the judges awarded her the highest score of 10 for rideability.


The sire Caretino was himself successful in the difficult course. However, his offspring are even more successful. 70 licensed sons, soon 300 S-successful offspring and a lifetime profit of more than 5.3 million Euros, won by Casall Ask/Rolf-Göran Bengtsson/SWE, BSC Cavity/Holger Wulschner, Charlottenhof’s Chandra/Sören van Rönne, Conally/Markus Renzel, Chupa Chup/Bernado Alves/BRA, Chika’s Way/Janne-Friederike Meyer or Cefalo/Holger Wulschner.

Dam Victoria IV also produced the medium (M) level show jumpers Lord Baltimore (by Lord Byron) and Santa Lucia ML (by Silbersee).

Dam’s sire Landmeister has almost 20 S-successful offspring, including Lausbub, who won more than 20 advanced level show jumping competitions under Otto Becker and Franke Slootahaak in the 1990s, and Optiebeurs Leornardo also won almost 30 advanced level show jumping competitions under Franke Sloothaak.

The granddam Gloria II is dam of the medium (M) level show jumpers Tinta (by Tumbled xx), Chatwin (by Calato), Ragno (by Ronald) and Coventry (by Calato). She also produced the advanced (S) level show jumpers Leidenschaft (by Landgraf I) and Herrmann’s Leandra (by Landgraf I), who has a lifetime earnings of almost 100,000 Euros, including winning the 1991 Grand Prix of Falsterbo/SWE with Otto Becker in the saddle. She is also the dam of the international advanced (S) level show jumper Macallan S (by Cavalier). Gloria II is also the dam of Doreen XIII (by Corrado I), who is the stallion dam of Acorado I, II and V and Accent (all by Acord II) and of several advanced (S) level show jumpers.

The third sire, Ramiro Z, was successful in the advanced level with Fritz Ligges. He produced 50 licensed sons and his almost 150 S-successful offspring have a lifetime earnings of 2.9 million Euros. Above all, the Olympic Champion, World Champion and double European Champion Ratina Z with Ludger Beerbaum.

The great-granddam Sonja produced the advanced (S) level show jumper Fidux (by Freeman).

Many other advanced (S) level show jumpers and the stallions Lorgus I (by Lorenzo I), Lorgus II (by Lorenzo I), Magnus (by Matador), Champion du Lord (by Champion F.P.), Countdown Zero (by. Caletto III), Sagnol (by Sandro Hit), Quirinus (by Quidam de Revel), Loewenherz (by Landgraf I), Cracker Jack (by Caretino), Rubitano (by Rubin-Royal), Rolex (by Raimondo), Leandro (by Lenz) and Leroy (by Landgraf I).