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Cor de la Bryere


Novice produced the licensed stallion Carento (by Caretino), who was successful at the Bundeschampionat and in turn sired our licensed show jumper Bundeschampion Caressini/Christian Kukuk. Carento’s full sister Gut Neuenhof’s Cantate finished fifth in the Bundeschampionat Final under Henrik von Eckermann/SWE. Bred to Cristallo I, Novice became dam of Capriole, who placed in advanced (S*) level show jumping competitions, and the Westphalian Show Jumping Champion mare Cristalies, who in turn produced the Westphalian Vice Show Jumping Champion and Bundeschampionat qualifier Gut Neuenhof’s Columbo (by Cornet Obolensky). Shortly after the birth of her last colt, Novice died, but her foal was lucky, was adopted by our La Belle and two years later advanced to the celebrated reserve champion in the show jumping lot at the licensing in Münster-Handorf.


The sire Contender is one of the most influential stallions in Holstein breeding with almost 130 licensed sons. His sporting offspring, including Checkmate/Meredtih Michaels-Beerbaum, Chiara/Ludger Beerbaum and the double European Champion Montender/Marco Kutscher, earned over 10.7 million Euros in the show jumping ring.

The dam Bordela produced the five advanced (S) level show jumpers Champion (by Contender), Rafinesse (by Rheinsberg), Colorline (by Contender), Simply the best (by Rheinsberg) and Calimero (by Contender), as well as the medium (M) level show jumpers Lavallus, Luigi and Lukas (all by Lavall II). Her daughter Mordela (by Contender) produced the OS Champion Stallion Le Champ Ask (by Last Man Standing) and the advanced (S) level show jumper Rigoletto (by Rheinsberg), her daughter Kananjola (by Contender) produced the licensed stallion Coco Jambo (by Contendro I) and the advanced (S) level show jumper Ramazotti (by Rheinsberg).

The dam line continues through the sire heroes Lorenz, Corde la Bryère and Rigoletto.

The second dam, Ordela, produced the advanced (S) level show jumpers Cordela (by Silvester), Lady Orion (by Lavall II) and Landlord (by Landgraf I).

Numerous other advanced (S) level show jumpers come from the Holstein mare line 1094 as well as the stallions Cornet de Lux (by Cornet Obolensky), Pikeur Quick Fire (by Quintero) and Lacado (by Lacapo).