Sperm order

Our stallion station has succeeded in establishing a well-functioning network for semen orders.

We deliver semen from all domestic stallions on weekdays and from Saturday to Sunday by overnight courier with NSE or KNOX. As far as regionally possible, we offer daily shipping with HippoXpress. As our insemination stations are approached at different times of the day, the dispatch of some stallions must be announced the evening before. Please enquire about our modalities a few days before ordering sperm. Foreign orders are placed via HippoXpress, GO, NSE or DHL. If you have had a good experience with a company in your country, please let us know in advance of your sperm order.

To ensure a smooth process, we rely on your support.
Orders must be placed within the specified time windows.
The legislator obliges us to provide exact information about the mare, the recipient and the veterinarian already at the time of shipment. Please refer to our semen order form for further details. Please note that missing documents such as signed veterinary contracts and semen slips will be punished with fines by the Chamber of Agriculture.

Online payment

For convenient settlement of the cover charge, use our online payment option. Fill in all fields, click on “PayPal” to log in to your PayPal account and complete the payment with “Complete payment”.

Please be sure to select the correct stallion and enter the correct amount.